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Wed, Jul 08 2015 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

SELECT * FROM Azure DocumentDB


SELECT * FROM Azure DocumentDB

Learn more about Azure DocumentDB, the brand new database from Microsoft. DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL document database service designed to keep pace with the demands of modern application development. DocumentDB offers automatic indexing of schema-less JSON documents, SQL query capabilities and multi-document transactions. Get hands on with Azure DocumentDB, learn how to query DocumentDB and tune indexing policies, and hear about the most recent features that have been added to the service.

Aravind Ramachandran is a Senior Program Manager on the Azure DocumentDB product team. He has over ten years of experience building database applications and cloud services within various teams at Microsoft, and has with the DocumentDB team since 2013. Ask Aravind any questions on Azure DocumentDB via email or Twitter @arkramac.

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